OKECHAMP Code of Ethics

This code of ethical standards (further referred to as the “Code”) is a set of principles and values reflecting the beliefs of people who create and manage OKECHAMP, which should be taken into consideration at every stage of the conducted business activity.

In order to ensure that all principles listed in the Code are followed both inside the company as well as by collaborating persons and entities, keeping in mind duties of social business responsibility carried out by OKECHAMP, the following standards have been introduced:

General provisions

§ 1

  1. The objective of this Code is to ensure that OKECHAMP, its employees, collaborators and cooperating entities comply with the company's ethical principles.
  2. The Code is disseminated among employees and customers of OKECHAMP by its publication on the company's website, through email, by spreading the information in a manner which is customary in the company, during internal company training.
  3. This Code is binding for the Management Board and all OKECHAMP employees who thereby unconditionally agree to comply with it.
  4. The Code, in accordance with arrangements made in regard to this subject, is also addressed to OKECHAMP trading partners, who are also required to respect ethical standards. Responsibilities of OKECHAMP under this Code, to the same extent, apply to all OKECHAMP trading partners.

The Code applies to the following areas:

  1. Hiring, development and safety of employees at their workplace
  2. Security of information and data entrusted to OKECHAMP
  3. Environmental protection and ecological activities
  4. Customer cooperation standards. Hiring, development and safety of employees in the workplace.

§ 2

§ 3

Hiring, development and safety of employees in the workplace

  1. OKECHAMP and all employees agree to follow generally applicable labour regulations, including all provisions regarding recruitment, hiring and termination of employment.
  2. During the process of recruitment and hiring as well as employee development, OKECHAMP conducts a fair policy based on principles of equal treatment.
  3. OKECHAMP regularly pays equitable remuneration to their employees, which does not breach legal requirements of minimum remuneration. All employees are presented with their remuneration conditions before the commencement of work, and with regard to the remuneration for a specific period of time - during the payment of their salaries. It is inadmissible to make any deductions from remuneration as disciplinary means. Making deductions is permissible exclusively in accordance with legal principles and regulations.
  4. OKECHAMP bans discrimination, i.e., unequal treatment based, in particular, on sex, race, social status, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, denomination, political convictions, union affiliation, age, marital status, as well as regardless of the type of employment relationship, for a definite or indefinite period of time, full- or part-time employment contract.
  5. OKECHAMP has implemented a procedure to counteract mobbing and endeavours to create a work environment free of mobbing or other forms of violence (both physical and mental) by supervisors as well as employees and third parties.
  6. OKECHAMP unconditionally follows occupational safety regulations, conducts OSH training among its employees, and implements solutions improving the safety of its employees taking into account the current state of technical knowledge and risks characteristic of the business conducted by OKECHAMP.
  7. OKECHAMP respects its employees’ right to form associations.
  8. OKECHAMP strongly opposes any form of forced labour and fully respects the principle of voluntary employment in accordance with regulations of the labour law.
  9. OKECHAMP strongly opposes the illegal use of child labour, whereas the employment of minors is permissible exclusively in accordance with labour law regulations.

Security of information and data entrusted to OKECHAMP

  1. OKECHAMP complies with all applicable legislation and regulations connected with the protection of intellectual property rights, information which constitutes a trade secret and protection of personal data.
  2. The objectives to ensure the security of information are carried out by the means of IT solutions, internal procedures and employees training.
  3. Employees are responsible for the proper use of OKECHAMP resources (intellectual property, software, equipment, raw materials and all other necessary tools provided by OKECHAMP for the carrying out of responsibilities) according to principles and procedures of the company.
  4. Employees are obliged to protect all information which is the trade secret of the company, as well as confidential information obtained from customers and trade partners of OKECHAMP.
  5. Every staff member of OKECHAMP should diligently follow all laws, regulations and procedures connected with the protection, processing, using and maintaining the confidentiality of personal data. ​

§ 4

§ 5

Customers cooperation standards

  1. OKECHAMP complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  2. OKECHAMP purposely limits the impact of its activities on the environment, minimising the use of natural resources and waste generation.
  3. OKECHAMP teaches its employees about ecological measures which they can implement at the company. Customer cooperation standards.

Customer cooperationa standards​

  1. OKECHAMP builds relationships based on trust and mutual respect with its customers.
  2. OKECHAMP complies with all commitments undertaken and strives to deliver the declared quantity of products and verities their customers’ needs with regard to this subject.
  3. OKECHAMP complies with principles of fair competition.
  4. OKECHAMP does not approve of any manifestations and forms of corruption.

§ 6

§ 7

Final Provisions

  1. Any breach of the provisions included in the Code must be immediately reported to the Management Board of OKECHAMP.
  2. For the sake of the complete implementation of the objectives of this Code, the compliance with its provisions shall be periodically tested, whereas its content will be subject to assessment in terms of its up-to-date and appropriateness against the ever-changing legal and economic environment and the character of the business activity conducted by OKECHAMP. ​