Who are we looking for?

If we want to maintain the leading position on the market, we need to employ people with high professional competences who want and are ready to work with us in a dynamic business environment. We value independent and strategic thinking and creativity. We want engaged people who identify with the Company’s objectives.

The DNA of OKECHAMP employees:

What do they know and what can they do

  1. They have knowledge and competences in their areas and want to grow them.
  2. They ensure high performance quality.
  3. They persistently strive to reach their goals and are not deterred by failures.
  4. They see changes as something natural, an opportunity to improve and evolve.
  5. Are brave, like challenges.
  6. Perform better than others.
  7. Draw conclusions from experience, learn from their mistakes.
  8. Understand that reaching business objectives is the derivative of reaching the goals of all parts of OKECHAMP.

Who are they and what is their potential

  1. They perform with due diligence.
  2. They engage themselves in their work.
  3. They focus on cooperation.
  4. They focus on cooperation.
  5. They are open to other opinions, ideas, performance methods.
  6. They have an optimistic attitude – they tend to see opportunities rather than problems.
  7. They are curious and bold, eager to take on challenges. They proactively explore new solutions to improve business operations.
  8. They act in an ethical manner.

Recruitment path

The recruitment process serves more than just selection of the best candidates. It is also an opportunity for the candidates to learn about our Company, its organisational culture, and individual paths of development. During the recruitment process, we want to make sure that our potential cooperation will benefit both parties

Stage I

Job offer publication

We start all recruitment processes with publication of the job offer on our website in the “Career/Job Offers” section, on industry-specific websites, and in local press. We also look for candidates in person and through external HR consulting companies.

The submitted applications are collected and sorted by HR. All candidates responding to the job offer are asked to provide their resumes with key information about their careers, education, additional skills, and command of foreign languages.

We carefully read all submitted documents and choose the candidates who satisfy the official requirements. Only selected individuals are invited to the next stage.

Stage II

Application selection

Stage III

Telephone conversation

The telephone conversation is used for preliminary verification of the information included in the submitted resume and to learn about what motivated the candidate to reply to the job offer, the key competences required on the job, and financial expectations.

During the interview with the HR representative and the manager of the department recruiting the candidate, we present key information about the Company and the job with focus on the most important tasks and objectives of the job, the scope of responsibilities, and the requirements set before the candidates.

We also verify whether the given individual fits the organisational culture of OKECHAMP, because we want to the existing team to maintain its positive atmosphere and ensure that the new recruit is satisfied as well. The questions concern the most important values, objectives for the near future, expectations towards the employer, attitude in the workplace, awareness of the costs of taken actions, or the readiness to assume and assign responsibility. During the recruitment process, the superior verifies knowledge and skills and inquires about professional experience.

Production jobs do not require higher education or command of foreign languages, which come in play in recruitment of specialists or managers. The following interpersonal skills are important: ability to establish contact, communicativeness, openness, will to cooperate, legitimacy, responsibility, and most of all proactivity, which is the ability to provide solutions to emerging problems, to take initiative, and to get involved in fulfilment of the established objectives.

We start numerous recruitment processes from internal recruitment to give our employees the opportunity to grow and be promoted. Numerous employees are promoted repeatedly to gain new qualifications and expert knowledge.

Stage IV

Recruitment meeting with HR
and department manager

Stage V

Recruitment meeting
with the Division Director

If you successfully pass the previous stages of recruitment for a specialist or management job, we will invite you for an interview with the Director of the Division, to which you are applying. This is a good practice, which allows the top executive and the candidate to get to know each other and express interest in cooperation.

Perhaps you will also be asked to solve a few tests beforehand. These tests are an additional recruitment tool and check your behavioural profile and tendencies to certain behaviours and attitudes in the workplace. This stage also involves discussion about the terms of employment.

We provide feedback to all candidates. If you still want to work at our Company and fulfil our expectations, we will present a job offer. If not, we will clarify the reasons.

Stage VI

Feedback for candidates