Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct is a set of values, principles, standards, responsibilities, and appropriate practices governing the daily operations of OKECHAMP. It encompasses desired behaviors in relationships with employees, clients, stakeholders, and competitors. The Code defines what OKECHAMP considers appropriate and inappropriate conduct. It serves as a manifesto of our core values and a testament to our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. We believe that by adhering to the Code of Conduct, we can cultivate a work culture that fosters mutual respect, transparency, and trust. Our existing Code of Values, which includes key principles, is an integral part of this regulation.

This Code of Ethics not supersede applicable legal norms but is a guide for standards of behaviour. Our Code of Ethics was created by Employees of all departments who share its values. It is the duty of every Employee to comply with that.

Together, we are creating a professional work environment for individuals seeking development, where key values include: