About us

OKECHAMP Group is a group of companies that together are the leader in the mushroom production and processing industry on the European and World market. Our quality and operating standards make it possible to provide our products to Customers all over the world. The rising export and high esteem towards our competences among demanding Customers abroad are among the factors in our joint success.

The OLE! brand, which we have successfully released on the Polish market, is among the leaders in the category of vegetable and mushroom snacks. We see its reputation among Customers – confirmed in market surveys – as an obligation for further development.

What make us stand out?

Our business model is vertical integration in the value chain, which means that we maintain control of production safety at every stage: from raw material production (mushroom production substrate, cover) through mushroom groving, to mushroom processing and delivery of the packaged product to chain store shelves throughout the world.

Our production facility is located in the Substrate Production Plant and Mushroom Plants in Borucino in Poland and the Production Plant in Grodzisk Wielkopolski in Poland and Velden in the Netherlands. The Company’s headquarters and jobs in the Commercial, Financial, HR, and IT departments are located in Poznań in Poland and Velden in the Netherlands.

Our employees can count on a secure and stable job and opportunity to develop by raising knowledge and skills and taking part in various projects and courses. We want our employees:

  • To see the workplace as a place, where they can develop professionally and fulfil their needs
  • To see our workplace as attractive/in demand and friendly
  • To want to stay with us for a long time
  • To see sense in development for the benefit of and together with the organisation

Organisational culture

The organisational culture at OKECHAMP is based on our Code of Values, which include the following: Quality, Development, Competitiveness, Respect, Honesty, and a Good Atmosphere

To nasze postawy i zachowania będące wyrazem tych wartości tworzą naszą tożsamość w biznesie.

We, the employees of OKECHAMP, want to continue to develop our competences, keep our promises, explore the best solutions, take advantage of appearing competitive opportunities in all areas of operations, respect the standards and practices of cooperation, be genuine and honest, and have a friendly approach to the community. We value cooperation and collaboration irrespectively of our place in the organisational structure and the value chain. We focus on development, openness, taking bold risks, and a friendly working atmosphere.

In conclusion:

We form a friendly and ethical working environment based on partner cooperation. We support the development of our employees and tackle challenges together. Together, we are passionately building a strong Company with an international position.