We carry out comprehensive control
stage of production

We cooperate with scientific
institutions, research laboratories
and experts.

Every year we are certified by
international institutions and
subjected to audits that confirm
the highest quality of our
products. - Certificates: IFS,
GlobalGap, ISO, BRC, and we
produce in accordance with the
requirements of FDA, Hallal, kosher.

We control the production process at
every stage - the value chain.

We test the quality of our
products in accredited testing

We continuously monitor the quality and
safety of our products in internal

We reduce electricity consumption.

We replace light bulbs with energy-saving
led lighting

We reduce water consumption.

We sort and recycle waste into the
following fractions: paper, plastics, metals, glass.

We support the Wielkopolska
Food Bank in Poland with products.

10 Years of the OKECHAMP Foundation in
Poland. We care for children in difficult life
and health situations.

5 years of the Give Yourself a Chance program
with OKECHAMP in Poland - Promoting
ambitious students - 14 scholarship recipients.

During the Covid19 pandemic we
supported a hospital in Grodzisk Wlkp.